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Class PluginManager

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Plugin Manager is similar to a storage object but it is a single level singleton this means that multiple instances within the same thread share the same attributes Its constructor is also special. The first argument is the name of the plugin you are defining. The named arguments are parameters needed by the plugin with default values. If the parameters were previous defined, the old values are used.

For example:

### in some general configuration file: >>> plugins = PluginManager() >>>

### within the plugin model >>> _ = PluginManager('me',param1=5,param2=6,param3=7)

### where the plugin is used >>> print 3 >>> print 6 >>> = 8 >>> print 8

Here are some tests:

>>> a=PluginManager()
>>> a.x=6
>>> b=PluginManager('check')
>>> print b.x
>>> b=PluginManager() # reset settings
>>> print b.x
<Storage {}>
>>> b.x=7
>>> print a.x
>>> a.y.z=8
>>> print b.y.z
>>> test_thread_separation()
>>> plugins=PluginManager('me',db='mydb')
>>> print
>>> print 'me' in plugins
>>> print
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__init__(self, plugin=None, **defaults)
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__new__(cls, *a, **b)
Static Method

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Returns: a new object with type S, a subtype of T
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__init__(self, plugin=None, **defaults)

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