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Class A

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  object --+        
XmlComponent --+    
             DIV --+

Generates an A() link.
A() in web2py is really important and with the included web2py.js
allows lots of Ajax interactions in the page

On top of "usual" `_attributes`, it takes

    callback: an url to call but not redirect to
    cid: if you want to load the _href into an element of the page (component)
        pass its id (without the #) here
    delete: element to delete after calling callback
    target: same thing as cid
    confirm: text to display upon a callback with a delete
    noconfirm: don't display alert upon a callback with delete

Instance Methods [hide private]
generates the xml for this component.
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  tag = 'a'

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generates the xml for this component.

Overrides: XmlComponent.xml