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Class Highlighter

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object --+

Does syntax highlighting.

Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self, mode, link=None, styles=None)
Initialize highlighter:...
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c_tokenizer(self, token, match, style)
Callback for C specific highlighting.
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python_tokenizer(self, token, match, style)
Callback for python specific highlighting.
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html_tokenizer(self, token, match, style)
Callback for HTML specific highlighting.
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highlight(self, data)
Syntax highlight some python code.
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change_style(self, token, style)
Generate output to change from existing style to another style only.
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Class Variables [hide private]
  all_styles = {'C': (<function c_tokenizer at 0x2610938>, (('CO...
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Method Details [hide private]

__init__(self, mode, link=None, styles=None)

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Initialize highlighter:
    mode = language (PYTHON, WEB2PY,C, CPP, HTML, HTML_PLAIN)

Overrides: object.__init__

highlight(self, data)

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Syntax highlight some python code. Returns html version of code.

Class Variable Details [hide private]


{'C': (<function c_tokenizer at 0x2610938>,
         'color: green; font-style: italic'),
         'color: green; font-style: italic'),
        ('PREPROCESSOR', re.compile(r'(?s)\s*#.*?[^\\]\s*\n'), 'color:\