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Class BaseAdapter

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    object --+    
ConnectionPool --+
Known Subclasses:

Nested Classes [hide private]
Metaclass to support manipulation of adapter classes.
Instance Methods [hide private]
connector(*args, **kwargs) source code
isOperationalError(self, exception) source code
isProgrammingError(self, exception) source code
id_query(self, table) source code
adapt(self, obj) source code
smart_adapt(self, obj) source code
file_exists(self, filename)
to be used ONLY for files that on GAE may not be on filesystem
source code
file_open(self, filename, mode='rb', lock=True)
to be used ONLY for files that on GAE may not be on filesystem
source code
file_close(self, fileobj)
to be used ONLY for files that on GAE may not be on filesystem
source code
file_delete(self, filename) source code
find_driver(self, adapter_args, uri=None) source code
log(self, message, table=None)
Logs migrations
source code
__init__(self, db, uri, pool_size=0, folder=None, db_codec='UTF-8', credential_decoder=<function IDENTITY at 0x334cd70>, driver_args={}, adapter_args={}, do_connect=True, after_connection=None)
x.__init__(...) initializes x; see help(type(x)) for signature
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sequence_name(self, tablename) source code
trigger_name(self, tablename) source code
varquote(self, name) source code
create_table(self, table, migrate=True, fake_migrate=False, polymodel=None) source code
migrate_table(self, table, sql_fields, sql_fields_old, sql_fields_aux, logfile, fake_migrate=False) source code
save_dbt(self, table, sql_fields_current) source code
LOWER(self, first) source code
UPPER(self, first) source code
COUNT(self, first, distinct=None) source code
EXTRACT(self, first, what) source code
EPOCH(self, first) source code
LENGTH(self, first) source code
AGGREGATE(self, first, what) source code
JOIN(self) source code
LEFT_JOIN(self) source code
RANDOM(self) source code
NOT_NULL(self, default, field_type) source code
COALESCE(self, first, second) source code
COALESCE_ZERO(self, first) source code
RAW(self, first) source code
ALLOW_NULL(self) source code
SUBSTRING(self, field, parameters) source code
PRIMARY_KEY(self, key) source code
_drop(self, table, mode) source code
drop(self, table, mode='') source code
_insert(self, table, fields) source code
_insert_empty(self, table) source code
insert(self, table, fields) source code
bulk_insert(self, table, items) source code
NOT(self, first) source code
AND(self, first, second) source code
OR(self, first, second) source code
BELONGS(self, first, second) source code
REGEXP(self, first, second)
regular expression operator
source code
LIKE(self, first, second)
case sensitive like operator
source code
ILIKE(self, first, second)
case in-sensitive like operator
source code
STARTSWITH(self, first, second) source code
ENDSWITH(self, first, second) source code
CONTAINS(self, first, second, case_sensitive=False) source code
EQ(self, first, second=None) source code
NE(self, first, second=None) source code
LT(self, first, second=None) source code
LE(self, first, second=None) source code
GT(self, first, second=None) source code
GE(self, first, second=None) source code
is_numerical_type(self, ftype) source code
REPLACE(self, first, (second, third)) source code
CONCAT(self, *items) source code
ADD(self, first, second) source code
SUB(self, first, second) source code
MUL(self, first, second) source code
DIV(self, first, second) source code
MOD(self, first, second) source code
AS(self, first, second) source code
ON(self, first, second) source code
INVERT(self, first) source code
COMMA(self, first, second) source code
CAST(self, first, second) source code
expand(self, expression, field_type=None, colnames=False) source code
table_alias(self, tbl) source code
alias(self, table, alias)
Given a table object, makes a new table object with alias name.
source code
_truncate(self, table, mode='') source code
truncate(self, table, mode=' ') source code
_update(self, tablename, query, fields) source code
update(self, tablename, query, fields) source code
_delete(self, tablename, query) source code
delete(self, tablename, query) source code
get_table(self, query) source code
expand_all(self, fields, tablenames) source code
_select(self, query, fields, attributes) source code
select_limitby(self, sql_s, sql_f, sql_t, sql_w, sql_o, limitby) source code
_fetchall(self) source code
_select_aux(self, sql, fields, attributes) source code
select(self, query, fields, attributes)
Always returns a Rows object, possibly empty.
source code
_count(self, query, distinct=None) source code
count(self, query, distinct=None) source code
tables(self, *queries) source code
commit(self) source code
rollback(self) source code
close_connection(self) source code
distributed_transaction_begin(self, key) source code
prepare(self, key) source code
commit_prepared(self, key) source code
rollback_prepared(self, key) source code
concat_add(self, tablename) source code
constraint_name(self, table, fieldname) source code
create_sequence_and_triggers(self, query, table, **args) source code
log_execute(self, *a, **b) source code
execute(self, *a, **b) source code
represent(self, obj, fieldtype) source code
represent_exceptions(self, obj, fieldtype) source code
lastrowid(self, table) source code
rowslice(self, rows, minimum=0, maximum=None)
By default this function does nothing; overload when db does not do slicing.
source code
parse_value(self, value, field_type, blob_decode=True) source code
parse_reference(self, value, field_type) source code
parse_boolean(self, value, field_type) source code
parse_date(self, value, field_type) source code
parse_time(self, value, field_type) source code
parse_datetime(self, value, field_type) source code
parse_blob(self, value, field_type) source code
parse_decimal(self, value, field_type) source code
parse_list_integers(self, value, field_type) source code
parse_list_references(self, value, field_type) source code
parse_list_strings(self, value, field_type) source code
parse_id(self, value, field_type) source code
parse_integer(self, value, field_type) source code
parse_double(self, value, field_type) source code
parse_json(self, value, field_type) source code
build_parsemap(self) source code
parse(self, rows, fields, colnames, blob_decode=True, cacheable=False) source code
common_filter(self, query, tablenames) source code
CASE(self, query, t, f) source code
sqlsafe_table(self, tablename, ot=None) source code
sqlsafe_field(self, fieldname) source code

Inherited from ConnectionPool: after_connection, after_connection_hook, close, find_or_make_work_folder, reconnect

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Static Methods [hide private]

Inherited from ConnectionPool: close_all_instances, set_folder

Class Variables [hide private]
  native_json = False
  driver = None
  driver_name = None
  drivers = ()
  connection = None
  commit_on_alter_table = False
  support_distributed_transaction = False
  uploads_in_blob = False
  can_select_for_update = True
  dbpath = None
  folder = None
  TRUE = 'T'
  FALSE = 'F'
  T_SEP = ' '
  types = {'big-id': 'BIGINT PRIMARY KEY AUTOINCREMENT', 'big-re...

Inherited from ConnectionPool: POOLS, check_active_connection

Properties [hide private]

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Method Details [hide private]

log(self, message, table=None)

source code 

Logs migrations

It will not log changes if logfile is not specified. Defaults to sql.log

__init__(self, db, uri, pool_size=0, folder=None, db_codec='UTF-8', credential_decoder=<function IDENTITY at 0x334cd70>, driver_args={}, adapter_args={}, do_connect=True, after_connection=None)

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x.__init__(...) initializes x; see help(type(x)) for signature

Overrides: object.__init__
(inherited documentation)

Class Variable Details [hide private]


 'big-reference': 'BIGINT REFERENCES %(foreign_key)s ON DELETE %(on_de\
 'bigint': 'INTEGER',
 'blob': 'BLOB',
 'boolean': 'CHAR(1)',
 'date': 'DATE',
 'datetime': 'TIMESTAMP',