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Class ConnectionPool

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object --+
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Instance Methods [hide private]
close(self, action='commit', really=True) source code
this actually does not make the folder.
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hook for the after_connection parameter
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this it is supposed to be overloaded by adapters
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reconnect(self, f=None, cursor=True)
this function defines: self.connection and self.cursor (iff cursor is True) if self.pool_size>0 it will try pull the connection from the pool if the connection is not active (closed by db server) it will loop if not self.pool_size or no active connections in pool makes a new one
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Static Methods [hide private]
set_folder(folder) source code
to close cleanly databases in a multithreaded environment
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Class Variables [hide private]
  POOLS = {}
  check_active_connection = True
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this actually does not make the folder. it has to be there