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Based on :

This example improves on the previous one by calculating the total number of records beforehand.

It provides positional feedback to the user, and avoids displaying an empty list at the end.

def show_records():
    totalrecs = db.executesql('select count(*) from table')[0][0]  # number of records in table (for example)
    showlines = 25       # number of records per page
    if len(request.args):
       page=0>0 ### for example (all records in table)
    backward=A('<< previous',_href=URL(r=request,args=[page-showlines])) if page else '<< previous'
    forward=A('next >>',_href=URL(r=request,args=[page+showlines])) if totalrecs>page+showlines else 'next >>'
    nav= "Showing %d to %d out of %d records"  % (page+1, page+len(rows), totalrecs)
    return dict(rows=rows,backward=backward,forward=forward, nav=nav)
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