Some of the information here may be outdated, please check the book instead

Yes, you can use web2py on Amazon EC2 and with Google AppEngine, in fact web2py is written in pure python and can import third party Python libraries.

There is one caveat: with those two systems you probably do not have the luxuty of accessing a shared folder.

web2py normally assumes a shared folder that supportes locking and uses it to store session, cache, errors and uploaded files. If you do not have access to a shared folder you must:

  • disable the admin application by removing the parameters_*.py password file
  • disable automatic session in your applications with response.session_id=None
  • do not use cache.disk, use cache.ram or cache.memcache instead
  • do not use the upload field type. If you need to upload/download files, store them in a BLOB in the DB or use third party provided API
  • the error tickets will be stored on the (VM) machine where they occur. If you need to access them from a centralized place, periodically move them there with a custom script.

At this point you cannot use the web2py ORM to talk to the AppEgnine but you need to use the AppEngine API directly. The reson is that AppEngine supports a small subset of the web2py ORM functionality. Anyway we are studying the AppEngine in order to come out with a solution.

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