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Since version 1.28 web2py ships with jQuery core libraries. We find jquery to be small, efficient and very intuitive to use.

According to this Google uses jQuery too.

Here are a list of jQuery plugins that you may find useful:

Here is a sample javascript scroller with jQuery to give you and idea:

<ul id="ticker"><li>News Item 1</li><li>News Item 2</li><li>News Item 3</li></ul>
<script language="javascript">
  var newsitems, curritem=0; 
     newsitems = $("#ticker li").hide().size(); 
     $("#ticker li:eq("+curritem+")").slideDown(); 
     setInterval(function() {
       $("#ticker li:eq("+curritem+")").slideUp(); 
       curritem = ++curritem%newsitems; 
       $("#ticker li:eq("+curritem+")").slideDown(); 
     },2000); //time in milliseconds 

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