Some of the information here may be outdated, please check the book instead

To see all command line options, on linux type

python2.5 -h

or on windows type

web2py.exe -h

You get:

--version             show program's version number and exit
-h, --help            show this help message and exit
-i IP, --ip=IP        the ip address of the server (
-p PORT, --port=PORT  the port for of server (8000)
-a PASSWORD, --password=PASSWORD
                    the password to be used for administration(use -a
                    '<recycle>' to reuse the last password)
-u UPGRADE, --upgrade=UPGRADE
                    upgrade applications
                    file that contains ssl certificate
-k SSL_PRIVATE_KEY, --ssl_private_key=SSL_PRIVATE_KEY
                    file that contains ssl private key
-d PID_FILENAME, --pid_filename=PID_FILENAME
                    file where to store the pid of the server
-l LOG_FILENAME, --log_filename=LOG_FILENAME
                    file where to log connections
                    number of threads
-s SERVER_NAME, --server_name=SERVER_NAME
                    the server name for the web server
                    max number of queued requests when server unavailable
-o TIMEOUT, --timeout=TIMEOUT
                    timeout for individual request
                    timeout on shutdown of server
-f FOLDER, --folder=FOLDER
                    the folder where to run web2py
                    run web2py in interactive shell or IPython(if
                    installed) with specified appname
-P, --plain           only use plain python shell, should be used with
                    --shell option
-M, --import_models   auto import model files, default is False, should be
                    used with --shell option
                    run PYTHON_FILE in web2py environment, should be used
                    with --shell option
                    -W install|start|stop as windows service
-L CONFIG, --config=CONFIG
                    Config file
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