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Some people have criticized web2py for the two reasons below and I
would like to address them here because they are wrong and perhaps
you can help me debunk these myths:

1) web2py is GPL2 therefore web2py apps must be GPL2. This is NOT TRUE.

You can distribute your apps under any license you like, even in
closed source as long they are distinct from web2py itself, even if
they need web2py to run. If you build an application that
incorporates some of the web2py modules or a modification of the
web2py modules in such a way that it becomes one with the framework
itself or in such a way that it does not require the framework
anymore than, yes, your app must be GPL2.

2) web2py requires that you use the web interface for development. This is NOT TRUE

All apps are under the web2py/applications folder which has the same
tree structure as the admin interface. If you prefer to use a shell
or have a favorite editor, you can develop web2py apps using those.

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