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web2py with Cherokee via uWSGI (written specifically for Ubuntu, but applicable to all systems) By: Evan Gray - GrayMatterComputing

1) web2py a) Download web2py (found at i) Install python, if not present: sudo apt-get install python b) Unzip (to /var/web2py) c) Run: sudo python /var/web2py/ -a desiredpassword d) Verify that it functions properly (by visiting localhost:8000), then close the server (Ctrl+C in terminal) e) Allow server permission to web2py: sudo chown -hR www-data\: /var/web2py i) Where "www-data" is Cherokee's effective user (www-data is the default)

2) uWSGI a) Download uWSGI (found at b) Unpackage wherever and cd into folder i) Install dependencies for make, if not present: sudo apt-get install python-dev libxml2-dev c) Make uwsgi: sudo make -f Makefile.Py26 d) Install: sudo cp uwsgi26 /usr/local/bin/uwsgi e) Create config.xml: sudo cat > /var/web2py/config.xml <uwsgi> <pythonpath>/var/web2py/</pythonpath> <app mountpoint="/"> <script>wsgihandler</script> </app> </uwsgi> [PRESS ENTER] [PRESS CTRL+D]

3) Cherokee a) Install Cherokee (follow the instructions at i) Note: I highly recommend using the PPA method so you can be sure to have the latest version and no issues! b) Run cherokee-admin: sudo cherokee-admin c) Visit admin console (via browser, password is shown in terminal): localhost:9090 d) Go to Virtual Servers, click Wizards, click Platforms, click uWSGI i) New Host Name: web2py ii) Document Root: /var/web2py iii) Configuration File: /var/web2py/config.xml iv) Same logs as vserver: default(combined) v) Submit e) Go to Virtual Servers, click default i) Under "Basics", Virtual Server Nickname: original f) Go to Virtual Servers, click web2py i) Under "Basics", Virtual Server Nickname: default ii) Under "Logging", verify all logging is correct (matches original) g) Go to Virtual Servers i) Set original Active to OFF

4) Visit localhost (or your.ip.add.ress from another computer)to enjoy your web2py site! :D

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