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Want to be able to send emails with both plain text and html bodies and even include attachments? Refer to

Using the MultiPart_Mail class documented in the wiki, you can send emails from your controller like this

context=dict(name='John Smith', items=['apples','oranges','bananas'], total = 12.75)

#use views to help create message bodies
message_text = response.render('default/email_template.txt',context)

recipients = ['John Smith <>']
subject = "Your Order Has Shipped"

#get contents of the files to attach
attach1 = _prep_attachment('/path/to/logo.jpg')
attach2 = _prep_attachment('/path/to/special_offers.pdf', 'special offers.pdf')

for recipient in recipients:
    status = MimeMail.send(to=recipient, subject=subject, message_text=message_text, message_html=message_html,
            attachments = [attach1, attach2])
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