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Here is a sample unit test suite that allows testing of a web2py controller using the unittest module. The sample can be used as a template for writing other controller unit tests. This sample assumes the script is run from the command line and that the module is stored in the applications/myapp/tests directory where "myapp" is the name of the application being tested.

The testContactWithInvalidEmail test case will simulate a POST request to the controller method Contact with an malformed email address, and it expects the form to return an error reporting the invalid email address.

Unit Test Class

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

import sys
import os
web2py_path = '../../..'

import unittest
from gluon.globals import Request, Response, Session
from import exec_environment
from import Storage

class TestDefaultController(unittest.TestCase):
    def setUp(self):
        self.request = Request()
        self.controller = exec_environment('applications/myapp/controllers/', request=self.request)
        self.controller.response.view = 'unittest.html' # must specify a view. can be specified in the test method.

    def testContactWithInvalidEmail(self):
        self.request.env.request_method = 'POST'
        self.request.vars = Storage(email='badaddress')
        form = self.controller.response._vars['form']
        self.assertTrue(form.errors) # do we have errors?
        self.assertTrue(form.errors.has_key('email'))  # has email error?
        self.assertEqual(form.errors['email'], 'invalid email!') # do we have an invalid email error?

if __name__ == '__main__':

Default Controller

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

def index():
    return response.render(dict())

def contact():
    form = FORM(
        INPUT(_type='text', _name='email',requires=IS_EMAIL())
    # Call form.accepts to setup form.vars.
    isOk = form.accepts(request.vars, formname=None)
    # Check if form input is validate only on a postback.
    if request.env.request_method == 'POST':
        if isOk:
            # send email or do something
            response.flash = 'Your message has been sent. Thank you.'
        elif form.errors:
            response.flash = 'The request contains one or more errors. All    fields are required.'
            response.flash = None

    return response.render(dict(form=form))

Unit Test View

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