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by voltron

I will show you in this "HowTo" a way to remotely administer Web2Py and your Database from a Windows client.

Install Putty, you can get it here( Once installed, create a new session, type in the IP address of your server in the field named "Host Name". on the left side of the session list, there is a tree of settings, click on "SSH" and then "Tunnels". In the field "source port", type in 8000 (8000 in the case if you are running your remote web2py installation on its default port, otherwise adjust accordingly) and in the corresponding field called "Destination", type in "". The port value can be anything of your choice actually, I just like to count one number above the actual port number because its easier to remember. Before doing anything else, go to the top of the settings tree, click on "Sessions" again, then on the right side click on "save". If you need a tunnel lso for PostgreSQL, go back to "SSH-->Tunnels and repeat the process but using PostgreSQLs default port which is 5432. Dont forget to save the session after making changes!

Be slick, fire up putty, choose the session you just saved, log in on the remote server and type in your browser "localhost:8001"

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