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This how i understand the relationship: I create a controller:

 def index(): return dict(mylist = [1,2,3])

then i ihave to create a view with the same name i.e app/views/controller/index.html in which i refer to the server variable list

What about if i want to use the same controller index for an other view say myapp/anotherindex.html Can this be done or i have to create an other controller another_index and copy exactly the same code from the controller index()

My question is can the data computed in one controller used by many views?


Yes. Examples:

def index(): return dict(mylist=[1,2,3])

def other(): return index()

index will be rendered by app/views/controller/index.html and other by app/views/controller/other.html. You can also have them share a view:

def yet_other():
    return index()

and yet another will use index as controller and index.html as view.

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